Product Development


Together with an extensive and inclusive ecosystem consisting of farmers, lobbyist organisations, local and provincial goverments, universities and industrial parties we are developing a system for the removal of viruses and bacteria, RNS (Reactive Nitrogen Species), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2s) and other harmful substances that have a severe impact not only on the enviroment but also on the health and wellbeing of animals and people alike.

Althoug we can use our technology 'end-of-pipe, in this development project we focus on cleaning the air inside stables, this not only greatly reduces the emission of harmful gasses and bad odour but also has a strong impact in the spread of disease, reduces the need for and use of medicines like anti-biotics and reserach by the university of Wageningen has shown that pigs who grow up in a healthy enviroment produce up to 20% more meat.

In the previous research phase HHNK (water authority of the province of North Holland) concluded that our system reduced more than 95% of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2s) and Methane (CH4), further testing on pig farms showed a Ammonia (NH3) reduction of more than 92%.

This project is partly financed by a loan of the WIF (Water Innovation Fund) from the Dutch National GreenFund


This develoment project focusses on the removal of Polyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH's) from industrial gaseous waste streams, in the previous reseach phase on the premisses of a petrochmical client in the Botlek area we reduced the exhaust of all but one PAH to within legal limits, due to these results the EFRO (European Fund For Regional Development) co-finances this de development with a REACT grant, additional financing has been recieved from Tatasteel Europe.