About Us

What We do

We design, research and manufacture solutions for treatment of gas and fluid flows. Our revolutionary nonthermal plasma treatment technology breaks down most unwanted compounds, without the use of chemicals or filters.

We specialise in providing solutions for problems in the following fields:


Air purification and removal of odours within 15 minutes.

Food IndustrY

Air purification and destruction of viscious contaminants and bad odour.

Livestock Farming

Removal of harmful compounds improves animal welfare, redcues emissions and eliminates the spread of disease.

Oil & Gas Industry

Reduction of harmful emissions to comply with new regulatory standards.


In collaboration with TU/e (Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands), we actively research the use of plasma for a broad range of applications. Numerous students, researchers and PHD candidates have thus far contributed to making purification a less wasteful process.