Kansen voor West

The BlackReactor has been supported by Kansen voor West, a collaboration between the provinces of Noord- en Zuid-Holland, Utrecht and Flevoland, and the cities of Amsterdam, Den Haag, Rotterdam and Utrecht. This program is mean to stimulate the regional economy through subsidies for local businesses.

BlackReactor has been granted €150k for the research and development of its nonthermal plasma destruction solution for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH's). Which is projected to reduce energy use by 98.5%, and water and chemical reagent use by 100% in comparison with current filtering techniques.

Most promising greentech company

The GreenReactor has been elected by VNO-NCW (Netherlands leading employer organisation) as one of the most promising cleantech technology solutions for the lifestock industry and has been presented to the State Secretary of Agriculture and Ingrid Thijssen director of VNO-NCW, The Jury recognized the plasmatechnology as 'very promising'.

Water Innovation Fund

The National Green Fund has awarded the WIF (Water Innovation Fund) Prize to Bluereactor.
The selection committee was impressed by the results achieved at the a sewage waste  treatment plant from HHNK (Dutch Northern provincial Water authority) where a 98% greenhouse gas removal was achieved with >95% lower carbon foodprint as compared to the systems currently in use.

Techport Challenge

Bluereactor is the winner of the Techport Challenge. Together with, among others, Zita Pels, deputy of the province of North Holland, the NTP technology was presented to a broad audience.