Getting rid of nasty odours quickly
in the hospitality business


With many people frequenting their business and limited time to air or fully clean a room, hotels are challenged by quickly getting a room ready for their next guest. Unfortunately, certain odours, such as smoke, body sweat, leftover food are difficult to get rid of. Hotels are left with a dilemma: either masking unpleasant odours with another scent, which is only a temporary solution, or do a deep clean, which means that the room cannot be used for some time.‍


Within 15 minutes the BlueReactor H200 gets rid of odours, bacteria and pollutants in the room, using no chemicals or other materials. This technology doesn’t filter or absorb the odour, but it destroys it by converting it into usable and harmless substances. It eliminates the unpleasant odours without harming the atmosphere or unbalancing the natural environment. It is an affordable, environmental friendly solution, requiring little time and energy.‍

As a result

BlueReactor H200 allows hotel cleaning staff to clean difficult odours more effective.